Craig Ogilvie is uniquely qualified in the U.K as the only person to achieve a Mondioring decoys license and has traveled all over Europe with his sport testing and training dogs from all over the world. He is also one of the few civilian accredited police dog trainers in the country, a dog behavior practitioner, the author of the soon to be released Interactive Play Guide and completely in love with helping dogs and people. Travelling all over the country delivering seminars, workshops and talks helping to motivate dog lovers and their dogs to achieve their goals and create their own in amazing Interactive Play Experience.




Dr Harris Petevinos graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Veterinary Department and is a postgraduate holder (PhD) from the University of Edinburgh and Pretoria -Ondesterpoort Veterinary school-South Africa.
He specialized in microsurgery at Duke University [North Carolina State] and Jackson's Laboratories.[Maine State]. Participation in practical workshops and conferences related to domestic and exotic animals in the United Kingdom, Spain and United States of America.




Helen Motteram is a pet behaviourist and business development coach for pet professionals.               In 2018 she launched an international business support organisation for force free professionals,      the first of it's kind.
Helen mentors pet professionals to bring something unique to the market place, injecting their personality and a bit of fun into their marketing. She is passionate about long term support and encourages her clients to walk in the owner's shoes, not only coaching them but motivating them to see they are not a bad dog owner.
Helen has built several successful businesses from networking and event marketing alone. She understands running a business can be a lonely place and encourages pet professionals to meet and collaborate on and off line.
Fun fact - Helen has a disabled rook called Russell Crow and helps rescue corvids.


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6 Nikitara, 2414 Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus