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This course has helped me in achieving my goal which was to understand dogs, communicate with them and teach them.
I have witnessed amazing dog handling and astonishing transformation of dogs in the hands of my tutors prior to signing up for the course. Their method was so different to everything I have seen until then; gentle, humane and highly effective! It impressed me so much that I just had to learn how they do it.
The whole experience of the course was life changing. I was given access to clear and unbiased information, I was coached and I was constructively challenged. I feel privileged to have learned from amazingly talented and highly knowledgeable trainers and behaviorists, who are at the highest level of skill and expertise in the canine behavior modification world. I have learned the most relevant theories and techniques and had the opportunity to practically apply them. If this is your goal too then don’t hesitate to sign up

Luba Ilyukhina

“I was fortunate enough to find a Positive Dog Training academy in Cyprus instead of having to travel abroad.  At the PDTA I have learned so many things that will definitely help me as a Positive dog trainer. The classes were easily understandable and with many hands on examples, videos etc.
The two trainers Maria-Christina Patala and Wendy Coersen are professionals in the field and very helpful during the course. They are always there to help me even after the course - they are my mentors.
Besides the theoretical course, the practical course was very important for me because you are given the chance to work with shelter dogs who don't know anything.
If you have passion with dogs and you would like to become a Positive dog trainer then this is the right school for you - highly recommended.
Thank you for everything and for the continues support.”

Marios Iordanou

I would highly recommend this training course to anyone serious about becoming a professional dog trainer. Maria-Christina Patala and Wendy Coersen are both highly experienced and successful dog trainers, and the opportunity to learn from people with such a wealth of knowledge is a fantastic opportunity. The course combines both theoretical and practical lessons, giving the students the opportunity to put the theory into practice. I found this to be an invaluable learning technique and found that the practical sessions, where we were given the opportunity to work directly with dogs, cemented what I had learned in the classroom.

Constantina Constantinou

“Taking the course at Positive Dog Trainers Academy was a life-changing experience. PDTA is the only Training Academy for trainers in Cyprus with the Positive training methods and techniques with no force or pain involved.What amazed me more after the theoretical and practical courses is the science behind , of giving the choice to think so to be able to achieve more permanent results and finding solutions to problems that occur to owners and dogs.A good handler has to read and communicate well. Our teachers Maria Christina Patala and Wendy Coersen are sharing their knowledge love and devotion in what they do and are simply professionals! It was an honor to be on your first class.Thank you for helping me to continue helping these amazing creatures with more knowledge now and with a promise to keep on learning even more.”

Doris Karayianni

“I have to say this is not just one of the best but the best course I have ever been on, Maria-Christina Patala and Wendy Coersen have put together an amazing course, full of information. Their dedication to dogs and to dog training and there knowledge is second to none, There is a fair amount of work I had to do for the course but the backup I got from Maria-Christina and Wendy made everything straight forward and easy to understand, they freely share there knowledge and hold nothing back, They were there for me 24/7 and still are.”

Dave Reid

“There is no way I can give true justice to this program in a little paragraph, but I will attempt to condense!
I feel completely comfortable recommending PDTA. Wendy Coersen and Maria Christina Patala have created an extensive and detailed curriculum that will raise the standard of the dog training industry in Cyprus. I have not only (already) greatly improved my dog training skills and canine behaviour knowledge, but I have also become more compassionate and effective with my communication skills with people! The commitment to "positive reinforcement" runs through every fiber of the Academy! If you have an interest in evidence, scientific based dog training, look no further.

It is a comprehensive science-based education program about working with pet dogs and yet the education is about so much more than dog training; PDTA has woven together strands of dog behaviour, ethology and, a comprehensive approach to working with and educating people in this program (this is all necessary in dog training, esp when dealing with significant behavioural issues)..

Fear free, science-based, humane training is the wave of the future, fortunately, and this is the approach used in the Academy.
I won't lie to you, this is NOT an easy program!

Students need to study the science behind animal training, hone their technical skills to a level where they can train any dog efficiently as well as meet the challenge of keeping stressed dog owners happy and engaged! Not an easy thing to do at all...
Long story short: I never regretted even for a sec enrolling into PDTA and so highly recommend it!
PDTA is raising the bar for the profession of dog training.

I feel so fortunate to have attended this program.

Thank You Ladies!


Mario Papadimas

“The PDTA offers a comprehensive course composed of both theory and practical modules, as well as various workshops held by invited professionals. A whole of five days is devoted to extensive theory, which allows students to gain a solid foundation on canine behavior, innate needs, stages of development and learning. Any and all questions will always be answered as in-depth as possible by both of the wonderful instructors — Maria-Christina Patala and Wendy Coersen.
The course is very demanding in terms of the work required outside the allocated class time. This ensures that the students get exposed to a large variety of dogs and behaviors, as well as get to practice the newly learnt skills. The students are always welcome to seek advice, help and practice at the school, even after the course completion. The ongoing support throughout and after the course should not be undervalued, as once you step on this journey and carry forward, you won’t ever stop learning and perfecting the art of force-free, positive dog training.”

Inga Dalman

“In my late thirties I decided to make my dream of becoming a force free, science driven dog trainer come true. I found the course “accidentally”, it popped up in my Facebook feed. I immediately called and arranged a meeting with one of the instructors, Maria Christina. I knew from that meeting that I was at the right place.
The structure of the course enables individuals with jobs to take part, because the course is well spread out, and very well organized. Also, because of the structure, if you are a dedicated student, you learn without knowing it.
However, taking theory and putting it into practice, is not as easy as one would imagine, but all instructors are always there to answer questions, give guidance, and assistance. The support from PDTA does not end with the course! As a newbie dog trainer, the feeling of having PDTA’s support whenever I need it, is huge, and this naturally benefits my clients, and my business.
My favorite part of taking this course, and what makes it priceless is shadowing! As a student at PDTA I cannot count how many different cases of both dogs and humans I have seen.
The other two major benefits are: the course gives access to force free/kill free shelters, where one can work with a variety of dogs, and meet people that share the same love and passion for dogs. As well as the opportunity to observe and meet big names of the profession (in my case Craig Ogilvie!!).
To sum up, the theory was really interesting, and invaluable, but the opportunities to practice and apply the theory, along with the support, knowledge, experience, and patience of Maria Christina Patala and Wendy Coersen make this an excellent and comprehensive course, suitable for savvy dog lovers, and future professionals.”

Nicoletta Fierou

I recently completed a positive reinforcement dog training course led by Marie-Christine Patala and Wendy Coersen, and I must say it was an incredibly positive experience overall.

The course encompassed both theoretical and practical aspects of dog training, and Maria-Christina and Wendy did an excellent job of delivering both subjects. They were well-prepared, knowledgeable, and clearly passionate about R+ training methods. The course content was comprehensive and covered all the necessary fundamentals and more. They provided in-depth explanations of the psychology behind positive reinforcement and its benefits in dog training.

Both instructors’ presentation skills were top-notch. They kept the sessions engaging and interactive, encouraging questions and discussions. They also provided us with reference materials and resources to further our understanding. These materials were well-organised and served as valuable references throughout the course, which I still come back to and check for ideas.

For the practical aspect of the course, we had the opportunity to work with shelter dogs, practicing what we had learned in the theoretical sessions.

Marie-Christina and Wendy were excellent mentors during the practical sessions. They demonstrated the techniques with patience and precision, allowing each student ample time to practice with guidance. Their feedback was constructive and encouraging. One of the standout features of this course was the focus on the well-being of the dogs. Our instructors emphasized the importance of understanding each dog's individual needs and tailoring the training approach accordingly.

In summary, PDTA dog training course was exceptional. Marie-Christina and Wendy's deep knowledge, passion for the subject, and dedication to the well-being of the dogs made it a truly enriching experience.   I feel confident in my ability to use positive reinforcement techniques effectively after completing this course, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to train their dogs using a humane and effective approach.

Christina  Hjalmarsson Evgeniou

Signing on to this course is definitely one of the best decisions I ever made.

Having worked with animals over many years as both a volunteer and professional therapist (healer and communicator), with a particular focus on our canine and feline friends, it seemed time to put myself to the test, expand my knowledge and see how I could further benefit our gorgeous companions. Particularly as I was frequently asked for solutions for training and behavioural issues from clients and rescues alike.

Well.  What an eye opener this course is.
It has given me so much more to help our canine friends and their guardians – especially when so many issues amongst both adopted and rescue dogs are down to stress and boredom and the use of aversive pet handling.

Maria-Christina and Wendy have designed the course to beautifully interweave the theory and science of ‘force free positive’ training with the practice of the techniques themselves.
Giving rock solid reasoning as to the importance of teaching dogs AND their guardians why everyone should be using Force Free positive methods – as well as disproving old – fashioned detrimental techniques along the way.

Thank you for opening my eyes ladies, for your continuous and unwavering support and for giving me the tools to help guardians and our amazing canines learn and live the best lives going forwards.

You Rock PDTA!!!

Niki Akhurst

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